The Beginning

Back in the Summer of 2022, Lisa wrote a tweet highlighting an emerging finding in her doctoral research regarding relationships that ‘saved my life’ and were ‘a game-changer’. The response on Twitter was immediate and a subject that people really wanted to explore. A meeting was set up online out of which a Steering Group was created alongside a larger online group space. The Steering Group (Lisa Cherry, Danica Darley and Peter Blundell), started to gather and create content for a website, with a real vision for collective input, ownership and collaboration at the core.

The Context

Professional boundaries are there for the safety and security of those using services and professionals. However, there are factors that can increase professionals’ use of boundaries that can lead to defensive and distance-based practice rather than relational and effective practice. The best professional social care practice is relational, yet boundaries (if used ineffectively) can interfere rather than foster those relationships.

The Launch

Join the Steering Group for a webinar (recorded for the Podcast) on 30th November at 10am for our LAUNCH event of Breaking The Boundaries Website! Register here.

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