Lisa Cherry – Speaker Trainer Author

Conference speaker, trainer and author working with schools, foster carers and social workers on trauma, resilience and recovery. By becoming trauma aware, managing our own self care as professionals and working together as part of a resilient community, we have a real opportunity for prevention!

The time is now! And it starts with you!

Together We Create Social Change One Connection At A Time


HappyMy mission is to provide accessible, scientifically grounded training to all those working with and around trauma, resilience and recovery. Through understanding our own attachment story, by having practical tools to deal with children and young people living with and post trauma and understanding how we can recover in an environment that is safe for us all, we can begin the process of healing and form part of a resilient community.

Through training, conference speaking, writing and working with people on a 1:1 basis we can work together to create meaningful and sustained transformation that changes the trajectory of what could be to come were there not an intervention for prevention.

I bring together the personal and the professional learning of my life to incorporate my own personal journey of recovery from a traumatic adolescence into my presentations as a conference speaker.

I’ve been on this personal journey since 1990 which was jolted into action as this twenty year old found herself standing in a basement room just off the Kings Road in Chelsea in an AA meeting. I was young. I was sallow. I was very very alone. I had my last drink on that day and the journey to recovery from an adolescence full of trauma began. Not a day goes by when I don’t swim in gratitude, living my life with purpose, meaning and love.

For more on my professional background, please go here. wonderful thing about all of this, is that I am not special or extraordinary. A life of joy is available for us all. We just need to want it more than we can cope with the pain of surviving rather than thriving.

For more information about my conference speaking for you go here and for more about training opportunities, go here.

I also run regular workshops on self care, writing and art journaling and of course there are now dynamic Twilight Sessions specifically for schools!

Here is a short video of the Trauma, Resilience and Recovery Conference held on 2nd June 2015 created as a collaboration with Jane Evans…

Lisa Cherry – Speaker Trainer Author