Why has the ACES research prompted a public moment and an angry debate all at once when so many other frames such as attachment, trauma, adversity, poverty, haven’t? Listen in to Part One here or if you prefer, you can watch here.

Join me in conversation AGAIN with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk for Part Two as we explore some of the themes that emerged in Part One. We explore questions such as is there something particular within our culture that ignores childhood suffering? What supports understanding which language/frames works for you/us? What are the cultural responses to ACEs?

When? Tuesday 3rd November 7pm.

To join this LIVE webinar, please register below. There are only 100 places, so if you register, please do attend!

Register HERE. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the link to join within it and we will be starting promptly at 7pm.

See you there….

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