My strapline for around five years has been

Lisa Cherry
Trauma | Recovery | Resilience

but I felt compelled to move forward into 2020 with a rebrand. But what was I going to change or add or lose that felt more fitting with my goals for 2020 and beyond; Relational Activism and Emergence?

‘Trauma’ has a deficit feel to it rather than an adversarial growth opportunity and yet, it is understanding the impact of trauma and adversity that sits at the heart of all that I do.

‘Recovery’ is also a loaded word. It is one that I love because for me, it means to spend every day making a commitment to myself that I will strive to be the best version of me that I can be on that day. ‘Recovery’ has been my daily practice since the 20th December 1990. But it means different things to different people and is heavily associated with alcohol and addiction spaces so it doesn’t feel like it connects with everyone.

The debate around the appropriation of the word ‘resilience’ via the neo-liberal obsession with the individual would be an obvious place to start. However, losing the word ‘resilience’ removes the interplay between the individual and the community/relationships around them. In other words, the pathway needs to exist as much as the person’s ability to access it. The debate rages on and yet, I am not feeling the need to abandon the word resilience.

So what have I chosen as my rebrand that allows me to show up as my authentic self? I have chosen to add the word ‘resonance’. And I am adding it prior to ‘resilience’ because I believe that the act of resonance supports the growth of ‘resilience’. When we resonate with one another, I feel it in my heart space. I feel the energy of acceptance. I feel our connection as human beings in all our faults and imperfections. I feel that you understand me. When I feel resonance, I feel deep love as we share the same sounds and reverberations with one another.

Resonance – the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating.

So from here on in, as I slowly move around my social spaces and changing the energy of how I want to show up in the next decade I shall be

Lisa Cherry
Trauma | Resonance | Resilience

Much love to you all as we all move forward together on our journey…..

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