So you’ve read Why Self Care is Important where I directed you to my Top Ten self care practices. The truth is, the self care that really matters are the actions that rest and rejuvenate you the most. My top ten may be different to yours so take what you want and leave the rest and start a journal so that you can create your top ten! In no particular order….

1 BREATH BREATH and BREATH. It’s free, we can calm our system in moments. Finding a quiet space (which can be a cupboard, car or toilet cubicle!) and taking three deeeeeeeep breaths, inhale for 4, exhale for 6 for example, can literally alter your response to that moment. Imagine what can happen if you do that for 5 minutes each day.

2 Do some gardening or buy some plants for indoors. Watch them grow. Nurture them. Grow from seeds.

3 Remove toxic relationships. This is easier said than done when said relationships might be family. Limit your time with them.

4 Nature is THE most rejuvenating thing I can give myself. Going for walks in vast spaces that remind me of my insignificance and connection with all that has gone before me and all that will go after me.

5 Baking. Probably not for everyone but I find baking very relaxing.

6 Reading. Getting lost in books is possibly my favourite self care activity.

7 Meditation which can be a bit of a buzz word, is actually just about being still and allowing thoughts to enter and leave, enter and leave and see them for what they are; just thoughts.

8 Write a gratitude list. I like to do mine in the morning but some people like to do one in the evening. While it might be easy to think that this isn’t strictly a self care activity, the very act of looking around you and making a note of what you have rather than what you haven’t, when done regularly enough, alters the way you feel about your life!

9 Writing. I love writing and find it so deeply calming and cathartic. Try a journal, book on my online course, write letters. Writing opens up a part of you that speaking does not.

10 Wrapping myself up in PJs, with a blanket and a soft cushion is incredibly comforting. Textiles. Soft, comforting and warm.

Please do add yours in the comments as mine are fairly run of the mill (I think) but the point is, your body needs looking after; for a healthy body, a calm mind and a loving soul.

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