And just like that, the conference was on it’s last day. From the story of healing, to First Nations healing, through to the vulnerability of executive functioning with a deep dive into trauma, compassion and recovery, Friday had arrived. The day offered a number of master classes and I chose to spend more time on compassion with Paul Gilbert. However, an hour in, I decided that the most compassionate thing I could do was to go for a long walk along the Yarra promenade. I was saturated and in need of moving my body while processing my thoughts. It was a good move and it freed up a little more space for me to dip in and out of all the master classes throughout the afternoon!

Having said 1000 goodbyes and eaten one more hotel buffet breakfast in the gorgeous Pan Pacific, it was time to leave the bubble behind and gently begin the next leg of my journey. I picked up a hire car and made my way to Werribee to see a friend and then drove a further 45 minutes along the south coast to see the couch in Geelong that is a sculpture for contemplation and reflection, remembering all those who were removed into care in the Geelong district facilitated by the Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN).

Tomorrow I’m heading an hour or two north of Melbourne where I’m going to be working next week with Anglicare. I’m told that I’m probably going to meet some Kangaroos on my travels as I’m heading into the countryside and that I’m not to drive in the dark (a little tricky as I finish one session at 6pm and it will definitely be dark!). It’s a million miles away from the centre of Melbourne but I cannot wait to work with the social workers and educators of Victoria as we learn from each other. I’m pretty sure I’m in for a treat and I know that there is a lights event and a dinner planned for me on Thursday night such is the generosity of hospitality that I will experience.

I will write more throughout the week…

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