Who knew we would end up here, in a topsy turvey world where finally rubbish collectors, supermarket workers and carers would at long last be recognised as an integral feature of a society’s infrastructure. That NHS workers from cleaners to consultants would be applauded by households across the nation creating a moment of weekly connection with our neighbours, would have been beyond our limited imaginations. To think that teachers and social workers were mentioned on the cobbles of Downing Street by our very own Prime Minster; I will spare you an analysis of the irony of that!

We are changing. Some of us have changed. For some, this will be for the better and for others it simply won’t as the division that existed prior to the pandemic, widens and deepens. It is those frontline workers in education, social work, criminal justice and health settings, who take that weight. I’ve been working with lots of you over the last few weeks as we work together to make sense of what this means for each sector. What it means to do this work when you have your own children at home, parents you can’t hold and/or you’re dealing with your own grief and loss.

It has been deeply humbling to stand alongside you as you grapple as an individual, as a family, as a community and as a frontline worker with a whole range of opportunities/needs to develop new skills. Some of these explorations have been “How do I create a relationship online that supports my client who is on ‘lockdown’?” and “How do I manage homeworking/homeschooling (that’s easy to answer…. with great difficulty so we’ll just call it ‘Pandemic Living’) and “what activities can be done online to engage someone who I’ve never met?” Other questions have been around ‘holding’ the trauma of not being able to see vulnerable children and families, knowing that ‘something is not right’? Food shortages for many you are working with, heightened anxiety and the utter exhaustion of endless Zooms, Skypes and phonecalls.

Some organisations and Authorities have been incredibly proactive for their staff and have bought in support around these issues and I have been blessed to work with them. But what about if you work for a small organisation, as an independent or for an organisation that doesn’t really understand what support you really need. That’s why I have brought to you what am I delivering in organisations, into a training session for whoever feels they need to address some of these challenges (at less than a cost of a takeaway and let’s face it, you probably can’t get hold of one of those right now!)If you’d like to join me and others doing the same work in a collective, nurturing space where we address some of the issues raised above and more, then make this your ‘take away supper’ and book your place here. Together we will place trauma and social justice at the heart of what we do and we will do that by starting with ourselves….

  • There will be breakout rooms and movement. This is NOT a two hour session of slides and a monologue from me!
  • Anyone who invests in a ticket will receive a recording after the event if they cannot attend
  • Any challenges with international payments, please message me
  • 28th May 10am to 12 noon GMT + 1 London

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