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Monday 19th October 7pm to 9pm

Train The Trainer


Creating Connection, Engagement and Creativity in your Online Meetings and Training Sessions.

How do you ensure that people are ‘present’? Do you ever wonder if anyone is listening? How do you prevent people being distracted by emails and phones?

In this session we are going to get creative, engaging and connected. As a facilitator, trainer and speaker for over 10 years, the last six months have taught me much about how to bring those skills online.

If you think the way we are living is a short term temporary experience, then I would gently ask you to release that idea. We are here for the long haul! 

We DO have to work harder to harness the energy in the online room but I’m going to show you how to do it quickly and well.


*  All those hosting and facilitating meetings and delivering training online in education, children’s services, adult services, charities and other organisations working with complexity. 

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