I’ve been heading to the Brecon Beacon mountains for a number of years now; when my soul aches and I feel weary. I was last there 6 months ago after a very challenging 2018 that had seen illness, bereavement and loss in those around me and I felt as though I was propping up/holding together a very shaky building. The challenge was that my arms were aching and I couldn’t hold it all together very well for much longer! There is only one place I go when I need to feel held; my mountain retreat.

Taking charge of needing to REcharge, I arrived at the mountains, to blankets, tea, hot water bottles, massage and of course food created with love. Alongside this, there was talking, crying, resting and reading and the two nights I stayed may as well have been a week for the restoration that the trip had given to me.

When I say that I go to the mountains, what I’m really saying is that I go to see Sarah. Sarah has truly embraced her calling and then shares that with the world in the most gentlest of ways. It is her farmhouse and nurture that she so warmly gifts to all those around her.

Once I had returned home from that trip, I thought to myself that it was a little selfish to keep this a secret so I decided to take a group and that is exactly what happened this weekend.

The group turned out (no coincidences) to be therapists and givers of one kind or another so connections happened naturally within a minute of arrival. Everyone also understood that getting the most from this weekend involved taking responsibility for trusting the process. It flows. It is structured only by being guided by stillness.

I returned yesterday and I knew in my heart that I must do this again and that it is an event specifically for people who give tirelessly in their work, hence calling it Healing The Healer.

The next event is the 4th to 6th October 2019. If you would like to come, please email me on lisa@lisacherry.co.uk as there are only 6 places available. Everything you need is included so all you need to do is commit giving this to yourself! I promise you that you won’t regret it….

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