There are many people for whom the implications of Covid 19 are going to create a huge mental health challenge. The impact on our very natural reactions and responses to shock, isolation and uncertainty are rarely covered in news reports. I’m not sure have been covered at all in the daily Press Conferences. This means that for those for whom mental health was precarious and fragile before Covid 19, the potential for deterioration is very real.

As I ponder my 50 years on the planet, there are periods when a country on ‘lockdown’ would have felt unbearable and would have seriously impacted my ability to manage my mental health. Early recovery would have been one of those times. I went to my first AA meeting in 1990 (and haven’t had a drink since). With no social media, no Zoom and no online community, it would have been a very different terrain to navigate indeed. So what has changed and how can we support people with understanding addiction, reducing shame and stigma and creating connection that makes the difference to help and support making different choices?

I spoke to James Docherty on the podcast about addiction and maintaining recovery during lockdown and so much more. Whether you’re in early recovery, an old timer or desperate for help, there are gems in here that might well bring you what you need to hear today.

This is Season Two, Episode 14. To listen on audio, please head to wherever you listen to your podcasts and put ‘Lisa Cherry trauma, Resonance, Resilience’ into your search engine and then sit back and enjoy.

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