Dealing with Trauma in the Classroom

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What’s included?

Module 1 (43 mins)
Relationships, Research & Brain Building

Module 2 (34 mins)
Attachment Trauma & Resilience

Module 3 (30 mins)
Secondary Trauma & Self Care

Daily Affirmations Download

Self Care Worksheet

Reflections Worksheet

Special Recipe Book

What others are saying…

“Seeing Lisa working with my staff was transformational. She has helped individuals within my school enhance their motivation, self-esteem and presentational skills. Her empathy and intuition would appear to know no bounds. She uses a blend of humour and personal experience when addressing an audience and effortlessly gains rapport with the group. She is motivational, uplifting and inspiring.” Tracey Smith

Tower Hill Community Primary School

“Lisa’s enthusiasm, ideas, honesty and input contributed greatly to the success of the day. The sharing of her personal experiences, combined with the research and findings around the effects of trauma on brain function, especially in relation to children and adolescents, was really powerful.” Julie Firth

Head of Prevention

“Lisa trains like it’s in her DNA – very intuitive to her audience’s mood and needs. She respectfully listens to their comments and questions and weaves them into her narrative, pacing everything beautifully. It was really interesting for me to listen to what everyone said they would take home from the training, each person showing they had understood and taken in what had been delivered to them. I think we all left feeling inspired and more enthused in continuing our ‘good repair’ work.” Sue Russell

Priory Fostering

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A 3 part Video Training Course with Downloadable Resources, Guides and Guided Meditations to assist those in Education Professions to effectively Manage Trauma, Promote Recovery, and Build More Resilience in the Classroom


Only £47


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