In October 2020 Lisa started her Doctorate (DPhil) at the University of Oxford in the Department of Education based in the Rees Centre which “produces research evidence to improve policy and practice in the areas of children’s social care and education.”

Lisa’s research question asks How do care experienced adults who were also excluded from school make sense of belonging?’

In November 2019, Lisa and others gave a public lecture at the Rees Centre ‘public lecture series’ on exclusions and reducing the impact  which you can watch here

This research follows on from Lisa’s Masters which looked at this with specific reference to education and employment in adulthood. To learn more about the MA findings, you can see a short presentation here

The undertaking of this PhD saw a pandemic, a menopause and a cancer diagnosis but we are pleased to tell you that Lisa submitted her doctorate in January 2024 and after her Viva Examination in February 2024, is now proud to be Dr Lisa Cherry. 


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