As we head deeper into the abyss that is Covid 19, it is clear for all to see that the people who were on the edge of the cliff before this happened, will be the first to fall off the cliff if the net is not there to gather them up. The value of life and of whose life is deemed valuable becomes ever more stark as we learn of the deaths of residents in Care Homes being airbrushed from the data, frontline NHS staff without PPE and unimaginable difficulties in getting food to children.

We’re all in this together, yes, but it is not a level playing field and the last decade brought much division. So what’s new in the context of Social Work?

Join me as I speak with Ian Thomas, Social Worker and Patron of BASW about authentic leadership and the potential for social work post Covid 19. Please also note that the conversation is couched in us both having been in care as children and both entered into recovery from addiction at the age of 20 years old. A rich discussion that crosses academic, professional and personal trajectories.

If you would like to listen as a podcasts, please find the Podcast Show by putting Lisa Cherry Trauma Resonance Resilience into the search engine wherever you listen to podcasts.

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