Conversations That Make A Difference for Children and Young People
Relationship focused practice from the frontline

Released in May 2021, you can pre order this book on Amazon or directly from Routledge where you will find all reviews and a synopsis of the contents. This book is considered to be the perfect handbook to Lisa’s training on trauma, recovery and resilience deepening the understanding that children will become adults and that adults were once children. 

 The Brightness of Stars

Stories of adults who came through the British care system

First written in 2014 and then published again in 2016, this book was one of the first to ask adults who had experienced ‘care’ as a child to reflect back on that experience. It offers many insights and support in understanding for anyone working with looked after children, care leavers or care experienced adults. Lisa opens up the book with an autobiographical section that merges her personal, professional and academic knowledge and experience. This book can be ordered on Amazon

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