A 10 minute guided meditation from Lisa Cherry.

Follow these guidelines when using this meditation.

  1. Make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place, and that there is no danger from being sleepy or relaxed.
  2. Begin by closing your eyes and taking a series of long deep breaths, slowly letting your breathing naturally slow down.
  3. When you are ready imagine the feeling of heaviness in your feet. If it helps imagine taking off a tight pair of shoes and feeling that sense of comfort and relief.
  4. Count up your body, with each count, letting the heaviness travel up another part of your legs, body, arms, shoulders, neck, head and so on. The exact numbers and parts do not matter.
  5. Let the heaviness double as you count back down your body, again the exact parts and numbers do not matter.
  6. Take a few more nice deep breaths.
  7. Imagine your special and safe place.
  8. Notice the sounds, colours, feelings, warmth and, if appropriate, scents.
  9. Enjoy relaxing there, imagine finding a nice spot to relax in.
  10. Chill out there for a few moments.
  11. Gently think about your affirmations or images of your objective. Do not worry if you can not remember them all. Mull them over gently and let them feel more and more natural. If you can not think of the existing ones, just affirm how calm and relaxed you can feel.
  12. Chill out for a few more moments.
  13. When you are ready, thank yourself for the relaxation, and slowly count back from 1-10, stretching and taking deep breathes and waking up.
  14. Remember to open your eyes slowly, and make sure you are fully awake before returning to normal activity, just as you would if you had been asleep or cat napping.

Listen to your meditation here…

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