Who knew it was going to become all about top podcasts? Having been very much a part of the blogging culture from the get go, I’ve found myself moving away from blogging and from reading quite as many blogs as I once used to. When I started my own blog, over ten years ago, it was a revolution in global connection and in fact helped me start my own business (but that’s a story for another day)!

But times change and it is now audio that has become my new go to pleasure and resource. Podcasts in the car, while out walking, when I wake up; I absolutely love them. So it wasn’t long before I decided that I really wanted to have one of my own. I’ve kept it simple. No jingle, no editing, no intro or outro and certainly no annoying advert in the middle of a conversation!

With this in mind, I want to share my favourite top podcasts with you and I hope you’ll forgive me for placing my own at number one. Interviewing people for the podcast is one of my most favourite things to do and besides, it’s my party and I’ll put my podcast at number one if I want to 😉

If you see any you like, go and ‘follow’ it and that way you’ll never miss a new episode and you’ll be supporting the host too!

  1. Trauma Resonance Resilience hosted by Lisa Cherry (moi) and covers a range of topics across all the sectors, such as exclusion, addiction, inclusion, ACE’s, Neurodevelopment, CAMHs, gang membership disruption (to name a few topics). Engaging, vulnerable and educative.
  2. The Adoption and Fostering Podcast hosted by Al Coates and Scott Casson – Rennie and does what it says on the tin really. For all things adoption and fostering, you can’t beat this podcast. It’s unique as far as I know!
  3. The Polyvagal Podcast hosted by Justin Sunseri and this is especially funky if you’re a bit geeky and really interested in Porges Polyvagal Theory.
  4. The Trauma Therapist hosted by Guy Macpherson which has been going for a very long time and Guy was definitely a pioneer in not just hosting a podcast but using it as a medium to raise awareness around trauma.
  5. Pivotal Podcast hosted by Pivotal Education is for educators who want to think about behaviour as communication in the classroom. There are some real gems on here and a teacher’s best friend!
  6. Happy Place hosted by Fearne Cotton is all about improving mental health through talking to people about their different journeys through recovery. It’s gentle and authentic and I like that.
  7. Under The Skin hosted by Russell Brand and I have to be honest, I sometimes find him really annoying! BUT when he isn’t ‘acting out’ he has conversations filled with wisdom on personal growth, spiritual depth and healing.
  8. Give Me Strength hosted by Alice Living where she speaks to women about their journey of building mental and physical resilience to empower them to have their best lives.

So now you have a whole heap of listening to do through the weeks ahead. Enjoy! And do comment below if you can recommend more for the list and which ones already on the list that you have really enjoyed. Now, where are my headphones??

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