Through delivering The Writing Path on line workshop, Journaling has been very much on my mind as it is an integral part of exploring and monitoring the process of what occurs for you as you go through the exercises. It is so deeply helpful when writing for healing.

With that in mind, here are a few journaling prompts that might help if you start to journal and then get stuck and find yourself gazing at the overbearing blank page! I’ve broken them down into Morning Pages, Evening Pages and Any Time Explorations.

Moody Sea

Morning Pages

  1. The word that I want to remain with today is….
  2. The action I commit to doing today is….
  3. The creative thing I want to do today is….because….
  4. The feeling I want to hold on today is….
  5. The feeling I want to let go off today is….

Evening Pages

  1. Today I learnt that I am….
  2. Today I felt challenged by….
  3. Today I loved it when I….
  4. Today I managed….with ease….
  5. Today I let go of….

Any Time Explorations

  1. I’d really like to… next week/month/year/before I die
  2. My favourite people in my life are….because….
  3. Today I am grateful for…. (write as many things as you can that you are grateful for. If it’s bad day and you’re struggling but you’ve eaten, that is your number one!)
  4. Today I forgive myself for…
  5. The next thing I want to learn is….
  6. A day that I want to remember forever is….
  7. A person I will never forget is….because….
  8. Something that I have that I will never throw away is….because….
  9. My favourite word is….
  10. I love having a journal to write in to explore my thoughts because….


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