How do you articulate your voice and thoughts into the written word? How do you ‘speak’ to your audience as a writer? It’s all too easy to write what you think people want to read in a style that they want to read it but what matters is being yourself and saying what you want to say in the way that you want to say it. This is about how you start developing your writing style.

Here’s some suggestions as to how you can

  • Develop the power of resonating with your reader

Emotionally connect with yourself even when it feels difficult. Until you have developed a dialogue about how you feel or what you think or what makes you tick today, it is very difficult to then ‘get into the mindset’ of any fictional characters you might be working on. Equally for a non-fiction book, this exploration enables you to understand the processes of your reader and therefore connect with them on your chosen subject matter.

  • Journal

I say this all the time but learning how to just write words as you think them without making a commitment to them is an important part of the process for any writer.

  • Discover how you are perceived

Ask a handful of people around you, some close, others can be people who read your blog for example, to describe you in a few words. Often how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us can be different but this will give you a valuable insight into how you come across in the written word….yourvoice and style.

  • Enjoy your writing

Do you like what you read? Would you read what you write? Basic questions maybe but questions worth exploring all the same.

  • Explore

Writing is an exploration of yourself, of others and of the world in which we live (whatever the genre) so that means that sometimes it will be challenging and confrontational. It’s a journey that is more than just a piece of written work. I believe that accepting this at the outset  makes it all the more pleasurable.

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