If you’re feeling stuck stuck stuck because you can’t seem to let go of a difficult and challenging life event and this is preventing you from moving forward, I can help.

  The Writing Path

has been designed just for you!

A 6 week on line programme using writing to make sense of life events and ultimately move on from them.

Make Sense of the Past to Create YOUR Future!

Develop the tools to learn how to articulate the unspeakable

Learn how to let go of the past without denying it

Transform your understanding of trauma

Start to shape a different future

Develop writing techniques

Watch the video…

I have poured over 24 years of personal recovery and professional experience into The Writing Path so that you too, can be released from the past, enjoy and embrace your present and have the future you deserve!

Are you ready to join us?

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“Although I signed up to The Writing Path, it took me some time to get going. I’ve done all this before, I thought. Then I began. I wrote openly and honestly because I was working with myself. I started to question patterns in my life; health, social, writing and so on. What I discovered was even though I thought I had the answers to my life, I had over the years built barriers around myself. It was only by writing through these blocks that I began to build on new ways of thinking and being. I have Lisa Cherry sayings on my bedroom wall so that I never forget again.” Rosie

“After struggling for a couple of years with health problems that have blighted my ability to work and develop my business, I took Lisa’s course more in the hope of trying to understand why I kept falling back into an energy sapping darkness than anything else. Not only was I able to trace the original mental scar that led to so many problems later in life, one exercise in particular took me into a new, exciting direction with my life and business. I discovered I was almost right in where I wanted to be, but also discovered the vehicle I had chosen wasn’t going to get me there. Self discoveries abound throughout.” Darren

“I so enjoyed Lisa’s candid and down-to-earth teaching style. I find Lisa incredibly easy to work with. She is both knowledgeable and creative with a flexible approach that fits around what I need as I need it. She is motivational without being cheesy and she’s not frightened to be honest when it’s needed, which is priceless. I would recommend her Workshops & Mentoring Services to anyone.” Ellen

“Lisa’s Writer’s Course had such a positive impact that I still carry it with me everywhere. I was feeling particularly low at the time that my mum persuaded me to join and I had lost any sense of creativity. It had such an incredible impact that I cannot thank Lisa enough for the change that occurred in my everyday thinking. Lisa is inspirational, passionate, welcoming and nurturing and the whole experience I cannot recommend highly enough. I still look back on my notes to move me on when I’m struggling with writer’s block or just need a gentle nudge in the right direction! “ Laura

“Lisa has an enthusiasm for life that is infectious. When I first arrived at Lisa’s workshop I hadn’t written for years and had lost all confidence in my abilities. Now with Lisa’s help and encouragement I write every day and have even started a blog. But more importantly, I learned how to let go of the past and dare to take risks again. I can’t recommend Lisa’s workshops highly enough.” Isabel 

“The space she holds whenever she works enables you to give the best you can and this shows in all areas of the work she produces. A gem of a book was the end result and I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity of working with her should it arise.” Nikki

“I  really enjoyed Lisa’s writing path course. I had stopped writing and journalling for some time before I enrolled on the course. I was delighted that the course inspired me to start journalling and writing poetry once more.   I enjoyed the gentle supportive approach.”  Sue

Book your place right here, right now today for just £147 £47!

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